"The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom"

- APJ Abdul Kalam

Secondary Wing is a hotbed of various cultural activities held throughtout the year to cater to our bundle of aspiring energies. To begin with, the co curricular calendar is especially designed to include as diverse activities as possible to identify, nurture and hone the talents of our young minds.

For each month, activities are pre-planned and assigned date wise, to allow students of a varied age group to choose and prepare - well in advance - their venture of choice and show case it at the different levels of inter-section, intra-section, inter-house, in school.

Assemblies for each section are held in the school auditorium, once a year, to give an opportunity to each child of that section to express themselves in the confidence of a known gathering.

Co-Curricular Activities unfurl with the 'Talent Hunt Show' - and go much beyond the expected norm of quizzing, dance, drama, debates or MUNs. Our potluck enlists headliners such as Kavi Sammelan, 'Famous Speeches of Leaders', Dastan-e-Goi, Creation of Mathematical Games, Dhanuchi dance form. This year's highlights inculcate the value and beauty of traditions, culture and festivals.

Further, we also give equal emphasis to the celebration of significant days - sometimes informally, to break the ice between students and teachers, and to bring a greater freedom to students to test their capabilities and realize hitherto untouched potential. Other times, it's done in a strong, structured manner to pass on the absolute values of peace, law and justice. The celebrations of Kargil Diwas, Independence Day and Constitution Day are done in this spirit.Besides, a few landmark events that are desperately sought after by students and bear special status of pride for them are PREFECTORIAL INVESTITURE CEREMONY, TAPS FEST and ANNUAL DAY in which each student outshines other.

The entire process rests on the pillars of transparency, just selection and the endeavour to groom each student to his/her best potential. We aim to normalise the idea of representing one's school at zonal, national, international levels for each student - and for this, the process begins in their own backyard! This home-grown bunch of marvels - and may they be many - shall be the face of our esteemed institution for days to come.