Classes VI- VIII

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What’s a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin

In classes VI-VIII, children advance the foundation for their skills and knowledge in their area of interest. We, at Army Public School Dhaula Kuan, give importance to studies as well as activities that gives the students the chance to develop and showcase their creativity, athleticism and patriotism and boost their social skills. We believe in building the overall personality of the youth that the country can be proud of.

The various cultural activities held during the entire session is designed in such a manner that it caters to the time and availability of our talented and aspiring students without interfering in the academic syllabi. To begin with, the co- curricular calendar includes diverse activities as possible to identify, nurture and hone the talents of our young minds.

For each month, activities are pre-planned and assigned date wise, to allow students of varied age groups/classes and sections/Houses to choose and prepare - well in advance and show case it at the different levels of inter-section, intra-section, inter-house, in school.

Assemblies for each class and section are held in the school auditorium, once a year, to give an opportunity to each child of that class and section to express themselves with confidence in a known gathering.

The 'Talent Hunt Show' is the whistle blower to the Co-curricular Activities and then it goes much further in the form of quiz, dance, drama, debates or MUNs. Our mix bag contains activities like poster making, diya decorating/card making for soldiers, rangoli making, Famous Speeches of Leaders, story- telling using props, Creation of Mathematical Games, folk dance forms, spin a yarn, group songs, and recitation. This year's highlights unravel the aesthetic and creative energies and heralds them towards traditional and cultural aspect as well.

Further, our endeavour to emphasise the celebration of significant days -vis-a-vis The celebrations of AWES Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas, Independence Day and Constitution Day, Army Day, are done with much zeal-- sometimes informally, in the form of interaction between students and teachers- to bring about awareness and other times, it's done in a strong, structured manner to pass on the absolute values of peace, sacrifice/struggle, courage and law/justice. Besides, a few landmark events that are desperately sought after by students of classes VI-VIII are Educational Tours, Out Station Trips and Picnics. Each time they get to visit a Heritage Building/Historical Monument and places outside Delhi. Events like the Praefectorial Investiture Ceremony (For Class VIII) and TAPS FEST (as volunteers-class VIII) are moments to be cherished. SPORTS DAY and ANNUAL DAY in which each student pushes his/her boundaries to excel and is the perfect time to showcase their talent and realise their potential and capabilities in free spirit.

Transparency, just selection, equal opportunity and the endeavour to groom each student to his/her best potential marks the success of these activities. Our aim of maximum representation of our school at zonal, national, international levels for each student begins in our own backyard! This home-grown bunch of marvels - and may they be many - shall be the face of our esteemed institution for days and to come.