Special Education Needs (SEN)

We at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan are dedicated to make Inclusion a reality by incorporating accommodations and exemptions as per students’ unique needs. The vision of the cell is to empower students by creating a supportive environment through synergy of information, skills and education. SEN team is comprised of qualified and experienced two Counsellors and two Special Educators .

Students are encouraged to actively participate in and outside school for diverse co-curricular activities in order to explore their hidden potentials and achieve holistic development.

Every year, our students with special needs participate in National Talent Olympiad, an initiative of Expressions India in activities related to Literary, Sports and games, Performing and Fine Arts. This opportunity gives an insight into their talent, boosts up their confidence and helps them expand their horizons.

Thus, we at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan are dedicated to work towards appreciating each student’s differences and unique set of strengths and limitations. It’s not just an education philosophy, but an important life skill, because children who learn together, learn to live together.


To create a culture of inclusion within school that will create a secure, accepting, and collaborating learning environment in which everyone's background, level of ability, culture and religion is valued. Our school works towards-

    • Recognizing and celebrating a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements of students to foster a climate of high expectations for each and every member of the learning community.
    • Recognizing and celebrating a broad range of talents, abilities and achievements of students to foster a climate of high expectations for each and every member of the learning community.
    • Raising achievement for all remains the driving force for everything the school does. We work together at our best to make inclusion a reality.


SEN Centre caters individual needs of students from classes I-XII. In order to promote inclusive education the school takes cognizance of the following areas of concerns:

                • Sensitization of students, teachers and parents through workshops and group sessions at regular intervals.
                • Screening and Assessment of students with special needs as per the latest Govt. guidelines.
                • barrier-free environment and infrastructure that enables children with special needs and their parents to feel empowered, valued, respected, and safe
                • Regular counselling and guidance sessions for students’ academic, behavioral and attitudinal concerns.
                • Providing effective tips on Career selection, Study skills, Time management, Anger management, Self-coping strategies, Socio-emotional concerns and Parenting styles.
                • Use of Assistive devices.
                • Curriculum/ Classroom/ Examination: Adaptation, accommodations and modifications.
                • Effective incorporating of innovative teaching practices.
                • Providing relevant CBSE provisions to students with special needs in every domain of their school life.
                • The school has also formulated Inclusion Committee: “Committee to address issues concerning children with special needs”, to promote diversity as a strategic component in individual and institutional success through the coordination of programs, partnerships and resources.


Ms. MeenakshiVarma, Counsellor has been associated with school for more than 20 years. She has been providing counselling to students in areas of career development, behavioral and academic issues, social skills, mental health and well-being. She conducts career workshops for percolation of information regarding options for diverse courses Regular sessions with teachers and parents are also conducted.

Ms. ShivaniTaneja, Counsellor conducts individual and group sessions using cognitive, behavioral and person-centered approaches, to address academic, behavioral and attitudinal issues with students. Regular sessions are scheduled for Time management, Anger management and Self-Coping strategies.

Ms. TarvindKaur, Special Educator specialized in Mental Retardation (M.R.) is registered with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She is trained in imparting academic and functional skills to children with diverse individual needs. Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) are prepared and executed.

Ms. RuchiTalwarJaiswal, is a trained special educator specialised in Learning Disability (L.D.) registered with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She is a qualified Occupational Therapist (O.T.) trained in sensory integration therapy. She works with students having attention, handwriting, academic concerns, and perception issues.


WTerms NOT to be used Terms to be used
✗ Disabled Students ✓ Special Ability Students
✗ Confined to wheelchair or wheelchair bound ✓ Use mobility aid or wheelchair user
✗ Suffers From   ✓ Has nature of disability
✗ Mentally handicapped Retarded ✓ Learning disability
✗ Spastic ✓ Person with Cerebral Palsy
✗ Deaf and Dumb or Deaf Mute ✓ Person with Hearing Impairment
✗ Blind ✓ Person with Visual Impairment
✗ An epileptic ✓ Person with Epilepsy
✗ Fits or attacks ✓ Seizures
✗ Abnormal students ✓ Child with Special Needs CWSN
✗ Amanuensis ✓ Scribe