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Important Topics


                                                       TIMING FOR STUDENTS
0730-1340 hours on working days
                                                      TIMING FOR VISITORS

The timings for visitors to the school are as follows:-

a) Registration and Admissions 0930-1230 hours on all working days
b) Interview with Principal/Manager Administration/Co-ordinator of Wings 1100-1400 hours on Wednesday & Friday Coordinators of Wings and Principal will be available in their respective offices
c)Enquiries / Information 1500-1600 hours on Monday Wednesday & Friday
d) Business Representatives Promoters etc. 1500-1600 hours on Monday Wednesday & Friday.

Parents are not permitted to meet the Class Teacher / Subject-teacher in classes except on scheduled PTA meetings or with prior appointment.

Office Hours : Working Days 8.30 a.m to 2.00 p.m and 2.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m ( Monday to Friday)

Visitor's card (obtained from the school gate) is compulsory for all to visit the school premises.

School gates for students will close at 7.30 hrs. Late comers will be permitted to attend school only after getting express permission from Principal / Co-ordinator of Wings.


1. Read all the instructions carefully for compliance.

2. Check the School Diary daily for Homework assignment / instructions of Class Teachers / Tutorial Head / 

Co-ordinator of Wings. 

3. Routine letters / Notices / Circulars will be sent through students. Parents are expected to check them and acknowledge such letters.

4. For any query on academics / discipline contact the concerned class teacher or Tutorial Head / In charge Discipline / Vice Principal, first, before approaching Principal / Manager / Chairman.

5. Adhere strictly to the days and timings fixed for visiting school for meeting teachers / Co-ordinators / Principal.

6. For any query / complaint related to Army Transport, deal directly with 972 Tpt Coy.

7. It is mandatory to attend all PTA meetings and compulsory for school students to come in uniform while accompanying their parents to School.

8. Parents must collect their ward's Progress Report in person. The progress report will NOT be given to the students / relatives.

9. Ensure that your ward uses the prescribed pattern of uniform.

10. Inform the School in writing of any change in residential address, telephone number etc. so that parents may be contacted immediately, when required.

11. No change of subject is allowed after 31 Oct. for class XI.

12. Please obtain the residential telephone numbers of the class teacher.

13. Important Residential Telephone Numbers are as under.

Co-ordinator Primary Wing - 0120-2451174

Bursar - 0124-2367477, 9313233457 (M)

Head Clerk - 25693040 Extn-227 / 245

Counsellor (M Verma) - 25919131



 a)      Periodic progress Report after each formative / Summative Term/Examination are given to the parents to keep them informed of the progress of their ward. Parents are requested to attend all PTA meetings.

b)      APS is following an on-going system of evolution, a student’s performance will be adjudged on the basic of Scholastic & Co-scholastic assessment throughout the year for Classes VI to X and a three-tier System of evolution for Classes XI&XII.

c)       Subject wise totals are converted into grades on a nine point grading scale, as per CBSE guidelines.

d)      In case a student joins after 31 Dec. the result of only the Final examination will be considered for promotion (Class XI).

e)      No detention policy till Class VIII as per DoE rule.


Continuous & Comprehends Evaluation/ grading system


(Introduced by CBSE in Oct. 2009) Class VI-X


a)      As per the CCE guidelines of CBSE, an academic year has been divided into two terms. The first term will be from April-September and second term from October-March.

b)      Each term will have two Formative Assessments  (FA) and one Summative Assessment (SA) for evaluation of Scholastic areas.


FA 1: April-May                                                                

FA2 : July-August                                                            

SA1: September

FA3 : Oct-Nov                                                                   

FA4 : Jan-Feb                                                                    

SA2 : March



First term -

FA(10%)+FA2(10%)+SA 1(30%)

Second term -

FA 3 (10%) + FA 4 (105) + SA2 (30%)

Formative Assessments(FA)

FA 1 + FA 2 + FA 3 + FA 4 = 40%

Summative Assessments (SA)

SA 1 + SA 2 = 60%


Note : FA4 will be PSA for classes IX and X


Part 1 :  Scheme of grading in Scholastic Areas :


(a)    subject specific Evaluation – using conventional numerical marking mode, which is later converted into grades on the basic of the pre-determined marks ranges as detailed below :



Marks Range


Grade Point












































Part 2 : Assessment of Co-scholastic Areas 2 (A,B,C,D)  AND (A,B) will be done on a 5 point scale (shown in the table below)



          Grade                           Grade Points

          A                                    4.1-5.0

          B                                    3.1-4.0

          C                                    2.1-3.0

          D                                    1.1-2.0

          E                                    0.1-1.0






Promotion Policy For Primary Wing
  1. There are no formal test/exams at the Primary Wing.
  2. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation policy as per CBSE rules is being implemented in the Primary Wing under which the children are evaluated in academics (including assignments/project work) activities and personally development throughout the year. A comprehensive achievement report is given to the parents on PTA meetings.
  3. The profile of the students is being reflected in CBSE prescribed graded format, instead of marks.

Improper Uniform

Students are expected to be neatly dressed in the prescribed uniform.

Students are liable to be punished for being in improper uniform ( Such as incorrect shoes, trousers, shirts socks, cardigan, turban, tie etc other than the colour and prescribed design of the school)

Students will not be permitted to attend classes if found in improper uniform. Parents will be called to take their ward from school.

Girls Are Not Permitted:

(a) Make up

(b) Nail Varnish/long nail

(c) Accessories on wrists, fingers and neck

(d) Danglers or ear-ring( expected simple ear –ring- ¼ cm in diameter)

(e) Untied hair- if shoulder length or more

(f) Skirts above the knee ( length should be as per school specification)

(g) Coloured / streaked hair

(h) Tattoo

Boys Not Permitted:

(a) long Hair

(b) Being without a vest under the shirt.

(c) Earring

(d) Fancy /goatee beards

(e) Gelled/coloured/streaked hair

(f) Accessories on wrist, fingers and neck

(g) Tattoo




Admission to Army Public School is on priority depending on the number of vacancies in each class. Admission to students

of Priority I and Priority II are granted throughout the year.

Age Criteria

Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, is running classes from class I to Class XII. For admissions to Class I, the child should be minimum

5 years plus as on 31 March of the current academic session. Similarly, for other classes one year each has to be added to the age

prescribed for Class I.

Admission Criteria

a) Admission for Priority I ( P-I) and priority II (P-2) cases is open throughout the year subject to vacancy.
b) Admission to other categories is given depending on the vacancies and results of the entrance test.
c) Test will also be conducted for P-I and P-2 category students who have scored less than 40% marks in the previous school

or if they are from schools other KV and APS/AS.

The Priorities for admission are as follows:
Priority I
a) All Army personnel posted to Delhi shall remain priority I provided their wards are not already admitted in any other school in Delhi.

b) Widows of Army personnel who move to Delhi within one year of demise of their husband.c) Disabled Army personnel settled

in Delhi and whose wards are not already admitted in any school in Delhi.

c) Army personnel posted to Delhi who admit their wards in schools located close to their place of residence, subsequently

applying for change on allotment of accommodation in an area that is covered by the APS bus service.

d) Retiring Army personnel who intend to settle in Delhi, provided their wards are studying in APS at the last duty station.
Priority II

Army personnel posted in field / operational area / non-family stations who select Delhi as their place of residence, irrespective

of the fact that their wards are studying elsewhere.

Priority III
Serving Army personnel posted in Delhi / outside Delhi desirous of change of school for their wards
Priority IV
Ex-Army personnel in receipt of pension including Army personnel who retire during mid-session and settle in Delhi/Noida.
Priority V
Released Army personnel not in receipt of pension.
Priority VI