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Army Public School, DhaulaKuan ,New Delhi

Parents  circular for  Classes IX to XII

Career Resource Centre 

(10 June 2015)


Dear Parents,

The process of career selection for school children has assumed immense importance. Many agencieshave now mushroomed all over NCR and each agency has its own model of evaluation and career recommendation process. The school authorities have made a deliberate effort to evaluate various agencies for the ease of parents and have identified three agencies which are professional in their approach.

Parents wishing to avail the facility are requested to go through the details given below.Though the school has made all attempts to ensure that the rates are highly subsidized, it is just acting as a facilitator for providing these services in the school premises.Payments,in cheque, will be made directly by parents to these agencies. (TheSchool is not involved in receiving or making these payments to the agencies.Parents are also at liberty to go to any other agency for career evaluation for their wards, if they desire.)

 Interested parents can meet the counsellor w.e.f. July 01, 2015 in the school, in case they wish to avail the above mentioned facility.




Comparative Data Of  Three Agencies for Setting up a Career Resource Centre in School





Services and Cost


Services and Cost


Services and Cost


Services and Cost

A.     Cogito Consulting &


1.One student career workshop

2. Parent/student counselling sessions

3. Testing ( Agency’s own testing tools) : Personality, Skill-interest, Career Code Inventory, Social Styles Inventory

4. Student career report

5. 24 hours hotline for career queries








COST: INR 2000/-

1. One student career workshop

2. Parent/student counselling sessions

3. Testing (Agency’s own testing tools) : Personality Clusters, Aptitude, Orientation Tool, Interest Inventories

4. Detailed student career report

5.  24 hours hotline for career queries







COST: INR 2500/-

1.Birkman Career Management Tool (Online)

2.  BIRKMAN feedback and interpretation tool

3. Career roadmaps for career clusters

4.BIRKMAN career report

5. Parent--‐student counselling sessions

6. Admission alerts





COST: INR 3000/-

1.BIRKMAN Leadership Profiling

2. BIRKMAN Leader report

   Interpretation and personality    workshop

3. Parent/student counselling sessions and career clarity

4. College application assistance

5. Admission alerts

6.Interview Skill workshop

7.Leadership workshop

8.CV Building workshop

9.SOP Building workshop 

10.College Research workshop


COST: INR 3500/-






B.     Institute of Counselor Training Research and Consultancy


1.Orientation Services

2.Psychological Testing Services (Standardized Psychometric Testing Tools in Paper-Pencil mode administered by educational and counselling Psychologists under supervision of Professors from Department of Psychology, NCERT): Intelligence, Aptitude, Personal Interview

3.Psychometric Test Report

4.  Individual Counselling Services ( Subject Selection and Career Options)

5. ‘Pathways’- a book with all information about various careers.


COST: INR 1650/-


* Follow – up Services (Optional)

Career Class Talk for students who opt for follow up:  Rs. 8,500/- for two sessions in a month for all these selected students









C.     Centre For Career Development


1.Career Drama (Once in a Year) 

2.Self-Analysis Exercises (Twice in a year) 

3.Career Video Showcasing

4.Workshop for Parents on all careers & Misconceptions

5.Preventing Internet Abuse by Children & Child Abuse Online

6.Online Courses for Android Programming, Robotics & Website Development

7. Access to Rock stand App for Newspapers & Magazines for Career Information




COST: INR 1000/-

1. Psychometric Testing ( Standardized Tests): Aptitude, Interest, Personality)

2. Test Report: Stream Selection

3. Detailed Career Planning

4.’Propel’-a career book

5. Career Workshop (Parents & Students)

6. Workshop on Understanding and Planning for Entrepreneurship

7. Online Courses for Android Programming, Robotics & Website Development

8. Access to Rock stand App for Newspapers & Magazines for Career Information


COST: INR 1000/-

1. Science Safari

2. Commerce & Humanities Workshop

3. Building up for Competitions

4. Building up Study Effectiveness













COST: INR 1000/-

1. Individual Counseling

2. Propel-a career book 

3. Career Workshop (Parents & Students)

4. Online Careers

5. Website access for entrance examinations

6. Career plans for courses and institutes











COST: INR 1000/-





Based on inputs available as at present, all three agencies are meeting the minimum testing requirement of assisting students in Subject Selection at +2 levels and formulating student’s career paths.

Agency B seems to be most cost effective and has experienced faculty.

However in cases where students are seeking continuous career related support (as mentioned in the table above) and skill development over a period of four years (class IX- XII), then agency A seems to be effective.

Agency C could be considered in case the student is looking forward to some additional workshops which are not career specific (as mentioned in the table above)







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