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Ridgewood Primaries


The Ridgewood Primaries, houses the primary wing of the Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan. It was in 1985 that the primary wing was shifted to its present premises. The wing provides a pleasing learning environment brimming with the spirit of sharing and caring.

Ridgewood Primaries is recognized for its rigorous educational curriculum and offers its 1700 students an education, which is a holistic learning experience for them and helps them to develop those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand, which will make them self-reliant. Teaching is engaging, focussed and structured to meet the learning needs of all children.


The Coordinator Primary Wing and the staff share a vision of giving the best to the students and expecting the best of them.
Outstanding and dedicated teachers, a supportive and caring staff, involved and committed parents and programs that promote and improve student achievement make Ridgewood Primaries exemplary. What matters most is that our students are taught well so that they learn well.


Challenging and Engaging Curriculum

Our quest for excellence is not only in academics, but also in all aspects of school life. All students participate in a multi-dimensional curriculum.
The curriculum followed by us is child-centred. It helps students to think for themselves and aids them in developing the ability of asking questions, which satisfies their innate curiosity. It lays emphasis on learning by doing. Another important milestone we can claim to have achieved is that of having Value Based Integrated Learning as an important feature of our curriculum.


An English Bridge Course for students weak in the subject of English is conducted for classes I to V that helps them a great deal in honing their skills in the subject. While we emphasize on our academics, we also r ecognize the importance of incorporating art, music, dance and physical education as key components of a balanced curriculum.
A lot of monthly inter-section activities result in hundred percent participation in a variety of fields. The emphasis is not on winning but on participation.

Class Rooms

Classrooms are spacious with extensive display boards provide space for the acknowledgement of students' own work and add colour to the immediate environment of the students.


Half of the classrooms are equipped with such technological aids as a PC with a 42inch LCD screen. Computer-aided lessons are used by teachers for all subjects other than Hindi. This creates a positive impact on the children as multimedia always reinforces learning.




Computer Labs

Ridgewood Primaries has an impressive computer department, which includes two computer labs, equipped with 38 computers.

The whiz kids of the Primary Wing exhibit their computer skills in this period.

All students from Class I upwards have computer education as an integral part of their curriculum. The department has a team of professionally qualified teaching staff and the school regularly provides training to all its teachers to become computer-literate


The dictum-‘The more you read, the more you know’ is followed to the ‘T’ here.
At Ridgewood Primaries, we have a spacious and well-stocked library with approximately 6300 books, both reference and fiction.

A varied number of magazines and newspapers are also available for the children. Students of classes IV and V have books issued to them and they also look forward to their very own copy of the Times of India or the Hindustan Times.
It is here that the habit of reading is inculcated in the children.

Audio-Visual Room

Children look forward to the multimedia or the audio-visual room as they enjoy watching different educational and recreational CD’s on a large screen in the air–conditioned room. It is a fun-filled experience for them.


Art and Craft


This is the place where little nimble fingers interpret their thoughts and dreams into drawings and use a wide array of colour mediums. The place where our artists are born-their creativity discovered.

Students of classes I and II have their very own craft room, where they get a chance of playing around with colours in their art books or simply creating little things of craft.


The performing and visual arts develop the aesthetic senses. Dance provides our students with an opportunity of expressing their talent. No function is complete without a dance performance from the students.

Indian Music


Singing time is a stress-buster for the children. It ultimately brings inner happiness. A child must be confident while performing a song in front of anaudience, so individual and group singing also features in these classes. A Hindi music choir which boasts of our best singers, keeps coming up with scintillating performances throughout the year.

Western Music


In order to get the young ears fine-tuned to the different beats and sounds of instruments like the guitar, the congo, the keyboard, the tabla, the triangle, the murcus,duffli, drums ,the tambourine etc- we have our very own Western Music Orchestra-the performances of which makes us so very proud of them.

Games and PT

Each child in the wing looks forward to the PT period. It is the time for them to run, play games, perform PT exercises and just have fun in the field.

Lawn tennis coaching is provided to the children, based on their preference.

Ridgewood Park

Our very own children’s park, recently inaugurated, exclusively for the students of the Primary Wing, is a place of absolute delight for them-with its huge and beautiful landscaped lawns, colourful and interesting multi-play set, mazes, jungle gyms, swings and slides. It is soon going to boast of a mini golf course.


The Ridgewood Park also serves as a picnic spot for our children, where kite –flying competitions are going to be held soon.

Special Assemblies

Special Assemblies are held in which different festivals and occasions like Republic Day, Janmashtami, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Guruparab, Christmas and many more are celebrated by different classes with a lot of enthusiasm and exuberance. This helps in instilling our cultural modes in the children.