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 Academic Excellence Badges

For The Academic Year   2015-16


Academic Excellence Badges are  presented to the students attaining 84.5% ( CGPA of 9) and above marks in the Annual result for each consecutive year. Now due to CCE in the classes from VI to X , the grade points attained are finally converted to percentage by the CBSE conversion rule.


This  awarding of Academic Excellence Badges motivates the students to achieve and maintain a high level of Academic Excellence. It  helps the  students to  excel in their performance, compete with themselves   and improve their performance in every consecutive year . The pride and joy of wearing  an Excellence Tie awarded  after  three consecutive years of  achieving 84.5%  ( CGPA of 9) and above  , wearing a  Maroon Excellence Blazer awarded after six consecutive  years of achieving  84.5% ( CGPA of 9) and above marks  and finally in Class XII receiving an Excellence Trophy  after seven consecutive years  motivates them to strive ahead in life  with greater zeal and  confidence . Class XII student is awarded if he /she attains  a minimum of 80% in class XI.


 Academic Excellence Badges were awarded to  a total of  550 students  for Classes VI- X and

 Class XII  for the Academic year  2015 – 16.


550  students were awarded Academic Excellence Badges.

82  students were awarded Academic Excellence Ties .

   3  students of Class XII were awarded  Academic Excellence Blazers.

  13  students of Class XII were awarded  Academic Excellence Trophies.


The ceremonies were held as follows:


S.No   Classes         Date                                        

  1.     X , XII       10th  May 2016 (Tue)          

  2.     VI-VIII     13th  July 2016 (Wed)         

  3.      X , XII      18th July 2016 (Mon)         


        Pictures of   10th  May 2016   X , XII       


        Pictures of   13th  July 2016   for Classes VI-VIII     




Pictures of   18th  July 2016   for Classes IX-X